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Shop Local This Holiday Season!

When brainstorming about this year’s gift guides, I knew I wanted to do something different than I had done in the past and also something different than what I see typically being done. I know this year has been a tough one both mentally and physical, but to me there is nothing more rewarding than giving back. So, instead of just listing a tone of things you could buy from Amazon or your local retailer, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite small businesses below.

Whether you’re shopping for the bestie who loves beauty, a fashion girl, the homebody, the mama, or the girl who can’t get enough fitness, I’ve got you covered.

I hope you love it!

  1. Tie Dye Queen – Everybody needs a comfy sweater and why not make it tie dye! The pieces are super soft and come in a bunch of customizable colours. Tie Dye Queen also makes custom masks to match your outfits.

  2. Hymm and Holly – You can never go wrong with candles and who wouldn’t love one of these new trendy body candles on their vanity? I know I do! She also creates hand sculpted statues in different shapes and colours that are perfect to add to a bookshelf, vanity, or coffee table.

  3. Glass Jewels Vintage Jewelry – Re-inventing vintage pieces that are sustainable and ethical. She has created a couple pieces for me and the quality is amazing! I’m big on jewellery and let me tell you, I have pieces from almost every place you could think of and she is one of my top favourite designers. Her pieces speak for themselves.

  4. Milky Label Clothing – I’m wearing this silk set as I type out this post for you guys. They have super cute pieces from lounging around the house to a night out in the town.

  5. Marimo Terrariums – One-of-a-kind terrariums for your home, office space, bedroom, etc. These are perfect to spruce up your living space! Especially during these times, we tend to spend a lot of hours at home and plants are a great way to add nature to your surroundings.

  6. Dr. Mashal Personal Health Coach: My health is always a top priority to me and right now its so important that we listen to our bodies and be mindful of what we put into them. I was lucky enough to meet and become friends with Dr. Mashal and learn about her health journey and the wellness programs she has created to help those around her. Anyone who is looking to better themselves from the inside out, I highly recommend her coaching programs.

  7. Milly's Creations – I love anything custom and these custom reusable Starbucks cups are super cute and fun to add to any gift, no matter the occasion.

  8. Savy Jeweler – The Savy Jeweler has some amazing jewelry pieces and hair accessories that are chic and trendy.

  9. Nazzar Jewellery – Chic curated jewelry for the modern muse. If you love gold jewelry, this is the place for you!

  10. Lunar Love Candle Co. – Handmade, eco-friendly soy wax candles made from Kitchener, ON. She has just released her holiday collection just in time for Christmas.

  11. Dipped & Drizzled – They have created some amazing deserts for me in the past and never disappoint. They create these amazing custom treat boxes that are perfect for the holidays. You can pick out everything from the colours to the flavours and everything in between.

  12. & DECO – They are a local brand from the GTA who make custom prints, Christmas ornaments, and décor for all your home and party needs.

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